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One of the 50 best EdTech resources for History

60 second histories
by: Squaducation date: 20 Sep 2017

60 Second Histories is One of the Best Online Resources for Teachers in 2017


We’re delighted that our online teaching resource, 60 Second Histories, has been included on the list of ‘The 50 best EdTech resources of 2017’.  This important list, published by Technology & Innovation magazine, celebrates what truly works in education and what has a particularly positive impact on teaching and learning at secondary school level. 


Technology & Innovation magazine reports on the products and resources that are making a real difference in schools and classrooms across the country.  The team invites manufacturers, developers and innovators to nominate the products and resources they think teachers and schools need to know about, so that they can compile this list that their expert assessors consider to be the very best of what’s on offer.


A finalist in the Educational Resource Awards in 2016, Squaducation has continued to improve its ’60 Second Histories’ offering.   In order to win a place on the ’50 best EdTech’ list, Squaducation has demonstrated the positive impact 60 Second Histories has on teaching and learning by providing evidence of how it helps with student outcomes.   


Film is a powerful tool that helps students retain concepts and ideas.   60 Second Histories uses film to engage students, helping to spark discussion and make learning fun!  Research shows that students who have fun while learning recall statistics more easily, experience increased levels of happy hormones which promote learning and stay curious – meaning they keep coming back for more.  We are proud that 60 Second Histories is helping schools, teachers and pupils”.


60 Second Histories also saves schools money, as there are 50 free to view films on the website.  In addition, it helps teachers to do more with less - as one cost-effective licence provides the whole school with 260 history films.  Furthermore, 60 Second Histories saves teachers time, as there are ready-prepared lesson plans and support notes available.  Finally, the website helps pupils by providing a virtual classroom where films can be viewed on smartboards, mobiles and tablets. 


To find out more visit the website: and take a free, full access trial to discover the benefits yourself.


Read the latest issue of Technology & Information magazine; we’re on Page 18 :-)



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