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60 second histories


In January 2016, Squaducation announced a new competition for schools, My EPIC ERA. Launched as a national history based competition, its aim was to enthuse children and help them create and develop a passion for history.

And it did exactly that!


By the end of May a mass of EPIC entries were in, and our panel of four judges, Dame Alison Peacock, Matthew Howorth, Kevin Hicks and Russel Tarr announced the winners.


Big EPIC fanfare!

We are delighted to announce the release of six new 60 second histories films created by the winners of Wycliffe School in Gloucestershire. The release of the films will coincide with Remembrance Day, and are based on two boys from Gloucestershire who fought in the Great War. They are EPIC films and we are proud to have worked on them with the school.

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