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Who were the Normans?

60 second histories

This video covers:

A description of the origins of the Normans and explains their ancestry and how they came to settle in Normandy, i.e. from Norsemen or Vikings

Not everyone appreciates who the Normans are, they just presume that they were invaders of England from Normandy in France, well let me explain first a bit about our background or our ancestry. You see, our ancestors weren’t French they were actually Norman which translates to Norseman, and our land ‘Normandy’ can be translated to “The land of the Norsemen”. When the Norsemen (you may know them as Vikings) first arrived in Normandy from Scandinavia in the tenth century they set about doing what Vikings do best, they ravaged, pillaged, killed and stole but they liked the land so much that they stayed. Oh the French tried to drive them out but the Norsemen were stronger and pushed further to stay and expand their new territory. The Norse King Rollo back then had the right idea; he adopted the ways of French by taking French wives, and married his daughters to French men. They took French names like William and Richard and so it was that we became a little French.
Norman Conquest
Norman soldier
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