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Stamford Bridge - Viking View

60 second histories

This video covers:

A description of the battle of Stamford Bridge from the view of a viking; the fierce battle and fighting retreat they had to make when the Saxons overcame them

The first we saw of them was far away in the distance, the sun glinting off of their armour. It was the Saxon army ready for battle. We weren’t ready, most of us had no mail armour, some didn’t even have helmets, we were unprepared. The Saxons had caught us pretty much by surprise. We ran back across the bridge just before the Saxons charged. Our men made a fighting retreat but many were caught on the wrong side. If it hadn’t been for some of our warriors blocking the end of the bridge we wouldn’t have stood a chance. In the end there was just one man stopping the Saxons but he was eventually killed with a spear, which then allowed the Saxons to swarm over the bridge. We met them, shield on shield but there were too many and our men were easy to hurt, many being without armour, and even when our reserves came up from the ships we couldn’t hold them so ferocious was the fighting. In the end we broke and ran back to our ships, with the Saxons hot on our heels. I was lucky to get away, only twenty-four out of three hundred ships managed to return home.
Norman Conquest
Viking warrior
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