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Bayeux Tapestry

60 second histories

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A description of the Bayeux Tapestry; nearly 70 metres long and having been made in England it depicts the events that led up to the Norman conquest aswell as Battle of Hastings

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Have you ever seen the Bayeux Tapestry? It’s huge, it’s nearly seventy metres of multi-coloured beauty depicting the events that led up to the Norman conquest of England culminating in the Battle of Hastings. Many people think it was made in France when in fact it was made here in England. It was made within a decade after the battle of Hastings. It's patron, the man that paid for it, was Bishop Odo, his church in France was in Bayeux, in Normandy. An interesting thing about the tapestry is that it is not really a tapestry at all; it’s an embroidery, an embroidered cartoon of the events covering the Norman invasion. The detail is incredible, there are Normans riding to battle and of course there’s Bishop Odo making an appearance, but if you look at the border, it shows other things, ordinary things like the buildings at the time and farmers and oxen pulling a plough. Why not have a look at it. See if you can spot me, I’m on a horse.
Norman Conquest
Norman soldier
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