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1. WW1 - Pre-War Days

60 second histories

This video covers: This video was made by the 2016 winner of My EPIC Era competition and is about the pre-WW1 days of two school boys from Wycliffe College.

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Ron: My parents have bought a house in Stonehouse and want me to go to a private school called Wycliffe. I’d better get swatting. Len: I’ve been sent away to a boarding school, I wonder what it’s gonna be like? Ron: Hi there mate. You just started? Len: That’s right, Boarder at ‘Hayswardfield’. Ron: We have cadet corps training tonight, want to join up, you get to shoot rifles an everything. Len: Sounds like fun. Will they give me a uniform? Ron: Sure, it’s just like being in the army. Only no one gets killed. Len: Sign me up Ron. Ron: You never know Len, we might end up being in the same battalion one day if we join up together. Len: You’re not a boarder like me, are you? Ron: No, I live just down the road. You can come down to our house on a Sunday afternoon if you like. What sports do you play? Len: A bit of football that’s all. Ron: I love rugby and football. My Dad runs the Gloucester Rugby club so I get to go there sometimes, you should come along. Len: That would be great.
20th Century
School boys
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