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date: 26 Jun
Queen Victoria awards the First Victoria Crosses       -  26th June 1857  -     There are occasions when the written press makes valuable contributions to British life. William Howard Russell, of The Times, was one such member. The Crimean War was one of the first conflicts to have war correspondents. Russell, in his job, saw many acts of bravery...
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date: 09 Nov 2016
MY EPIC ERA 2016 – THE RESULTS ARE EPIC!   In January 2016, Squaducation announced a new competition for schools, My EPIC ERA. Launched as a national history based competition, its aim was to enthuse children and help them create and develop a passion for history. And it did exactly that! By the end of May a mass of EPIC entries were in, and our...
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date: 15 Jun
The Founding of the Women’s Institute in the UK     -  June 16th 1915  -   For many the WI is the epitome of Britishness - cake, Jam and Jerusalem. What some may not know is that this very British institution was originally started in Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada, back in 1897. At a meeting of a branch of The Farmers’ Institute, Adelaide Hoodless...
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