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date: 04 Jun
The Death of Richard I, “The Lionheart”  -  April 6th 1199   Richard was attacking the small castle at Chalus in the Limousin, where Aimar V of Limoges had revolted. He had heard a rumour about the finding of a treasure trove of Roman gold in the area by a peasant girl and was determined to claim it as overlord in the region. On the evening of the...
  • 12th Century
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date: 05 May
8th May 1429  -  A war that was to last over 100 years, fought between mighty Kings of Europe, including the finest knights both sides could muster over vast tracts of land was, in effect, decided by a peasant woman. The irony!   In 1328 the French King Charles IV died. He had no sons and all his brothers were dead. His sister, Isabella, mother of...
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